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Our main products:◇ MQ10 oilless bearings ◇ MQ20 boundary lubrication bearings ◇ MQ800 JF bimetal bearings ◇ MQ090 / 092 bronze wrapped bearings ◇ MQ650 JDB solid lubricating bearings ◇ MQ600 bronze Turned bearings
Set up May.2007. Jiashan Minqin Oilless Bearing Co.,Ltd is a famous China Products factory and custom Products company, First-class plant equipment, high-quality, highly skilled workforce and rigorous quality control system, polymerization of modern science and technology classic, our custom Products and other products are applied to metallurgy extensively, automobile, mine, petroleum,such various kinds of machinery as rolling mill chemical, industry electrical machinery,shipping,printing, plastic machinery,office equipment,health and fitness facilities, light industry and machinery, irrigation works, hydraulic pressure machinery, locomotive, rotate, slip, etc.

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