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Who is Minqin

Jiashan Minqin Oilless Bearing Co.,Ltd. a professional manufactory of oilless sliding Bushing,set up May.2007.

Our main products

◇ MQ10 oilless bearings ◇ MQ20 boundary lubrication bearings ◇ MQ800 JF bimetal bearings ◇ MQ090 / 092 bronze wrapped bearings ◇ MQ650 JDB solid lubricating bearings ◇ MQ600 bronze Turned bearings

Why Choose Us

  • Minqin has high-precision equipment, a high level of management team and high-quality workforce, and constantly improve the production process and refinement management platform, in strict accordance with the global quality certification system to do every detail for the industry to provide quality Lubricated bearing products.

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