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MQ-090 MQ-092 Bronze Wrapped Bushing

MQ-090 bronze wrapped bushing, using tin bronze alloy CuSn8P/CuSn6.5P for material, Surface rolling diamond pockets, to store grease or graphite powder ,to rapidly build up a lubrication film at the start of movement and thereafter reduce the startup & running friction;
it has good fatigue strength and bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
Widely used in agricultural machinery, forestry machinery,building machinery, construction machinery, such as high load low speed occasions.
(also known as FB090 or B09)

Application characteristics

1.the advantages of light weight and low cost,for compact application,easy fitting;
2.oil pockets stored oil or grease, then the time for apply oil is extended over 5 times than the ones of general copper sleeve;
3 extremely high bearing capacity, especially can match the shafts with rough surfaces;
4 high heat dissipation, small expansion coefficient, stable use, long service life;
5.Excellent wear resistance with lower friction;
6.Chemical resistance.

Chemical Composition

Material Cu Pb Sn
CuSn8 91.3% 8.5% 0.2%

Refer to the standard of DIN17662 ISO 4382-2: 1991; CW453K
The actual composition proportion is allowed to up or down in certain range

  • Material structure

    Use high density bronze strips to roll the spherical oil pockets, in order to reduce wear, prolong the use time, good corrosion and protection function.

  • Standard tolerance for MQ-090/092 series bushing

    (As per to DIN 1494/ ISO3547)

    Standard Dia. O.D.Size Housing Bore(H7) I.D.Size after mounting(H9) Matching Shaft Diameter (f7 to f8)
    10~18 +0.065
    - 0.016
    - 0.043
    18~30 +0.075
    - 0.020
    - 0.020
    30~50 +0.085
    - 0.025
    - 0.064
    50~80 +0.100
    - 0.030
    - 0.076
    80~120 +0.120
    - 0.036
    - 0.090
    120~180 +0.170
    - 0.043
    - 0.106
    180~250 +0.210
    - 0.050
    - 0.122
    250~315 +0.260
    - 0.056
    - 0.137
  • Technical Data

    Technical Data    
    Max.Loading Static 120N/mm²
    Dynamic load 40N/mm²
    Max.PV limit Grease lubrication 2.8N/mm²·m/s
    Max.Speed 2.5m/s
    Match the axis Hardness ≥50HRC
    Roughness Ra=0.4~1.0
    Friction Coefficient   0.05~0.25
    Tensile strength   470N/mm²
    Yield Strength   280N/mm²
    Hardness   100~120HB
    Density   8.8g/cm³
    Temperature Range   -100℃~+200℃
    Thermal conductivity   58 W(m·k)﹣¹
    Coefficient of thermal expansion   18.5×10-6·K﹣¹

    *Initial pre-lubrication at assembly is required.

    ● Electronic samples         ● Part of the product reference map

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Industry Knowledge

Bronze wrapped bushings, also known as wrapped bronze bearings or wrapped bronze bushings, are a type of plain bearing that consists of a steel backing with a layer of porous bronze material wrapped around it. The bronze layer is typically impregnated with a solid lubricant, such as graphite, to provide self-lubrication.
Bronze wrapped bushings are commonly used in applications where there is a high load, low speed, or oscillating motion. They are particularly suited to harsh and dirty environments, such as construction and agricultural equipment, where frequent maintenance or lubrication is difficult.
The steel backing of the bronze wrapped bushing provides strength and rigidity, while the porous bronze layer allows for the retention of lubricant and the distribution of pressure. The solid lubricant, impregnated in the bronze layer, allows for the bushing to self-lubricate, reducing friction and wear.
Bronze wrapped bushings are also resistant to corrosion and can operate in a wide range of temperatures. They are available in various sizes and dimensions to suit different applications and can be customized to fit specific requirements.
Some of the advantages of using bronze wrapped bushings include reduced maintenance and downtime, longer service life, and cost-effectiveness. They are also relatively easy to install and require no additional lubrication, making them a popular choice in a range of industrial and commercial applications.

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