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, Now our Oilless Sliding Bearing and other products are exported to more than 15 countries and regions in EU, America, Asia,etc. and set up & doing the QC system strictly!

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our oilless bearings and other products are applied to metallurgy extensively, automobile, mine, petroleum,such various kinds of machinery as rolling mill chemical, industry electrical machinery,shipping,printing, plastic machinery,office equipment,health and fitness facilities, light industry and machinery, irrigation works, hydraulic pressure machinery, locomotive, rotate, slip, etc.

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JDB650 Solid-lubricants Bushings

JDB650 Solid-lubricants Bushings

MQ650 solid lubrication products is a high-performance solid lubricating product on a high-brass base, inlaid graphite, or MoS2 solid lubricant. It broke through the general bearing to rely on the limitations of oil film lubrication.

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MQ-10 Carbon Steel  Self-lubricating Bushing

MQ-10 Carbon Steel Self-lubricating Bushing

With low carbon steel as the backing,sintered bronze as medial layer,mixed PTFE with fibers as self-lubricating layer.Suitable for dry running with low coefficient of friction,low wear rate,good sliding characteristics,the transfer film created will ...

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Strong R&D team

We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce Oilless sliding bearing and other products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.Our production technicians have good education background and professional training.

Excellent equipment

We have a variety of large-scale CNC machinery and equipment as well as professional operators to ensure that each Oilless Bearings can endure rigorous manufacturing processes and complete the original intention of design accurately.

Advanced Technology

Our Oilless Bearings and other products have passed a series of the most credible agency certification. Meanwhile, we also have obtained many patents and certificates of honor from our government, which ensure our leading position in technology.

Careful Service

After-sales really means the beginning of our cooperation, We have established a perfect after-sales service system, each device can operate for a long time in your business is what we must do.


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Latest news

What is the difference between steel and bronze bushing?

Steel and bronze bushings are two different types of bearing materials commonly used for various applications. Here are the main differences between them:    Material Composition: Steel bushings are typically made of steel alloys, which can vary in c...

08 Jun. 2023

What are main function of the lubricating bushing

Lubricating bushing is a component widely used in mechanical equipment. Its main function is to reduce the direct contact between metals and reduce the friction coefficient when friction and wear occur, thereby reducing energy consumption and prolong...

02 Jun. 2023

What is Oil free sliding bearings

Oil free sliding bearings use solid self-lubricating materials as polar surfaces to achieve sliding support of bearings without the need for any lubricants. Oil free sliding bearings have advantages such as self-lubrication, impact resistance, low no...

23 May. 2023

Bronze Wrapped Bushing are designed to withstand heavy loads

Bronze wrapped bushings are designed to withstand heavy loads and are shock-resistant. They have lubrication pockets on the entire sliding surface, which helps to reduce friction at startup and during operation.Oil-impregnated bushings rely on capill...

19 May. 2023

Bimetal Bushing consisting of steel and aluminum using compound forging

The present study explores the potential for creating hybrid bearing bushings consisting of steel and aluminum using compound forging. The heating strategy and forming process were optimized by computer modeling. The resulting forged parts were metal...

14 May. 2023

The Solid Oilless Bushing is a bearing technology

The Solid Oilless Bushing is a bearing technology that relies on the formation of a solid lubrication film within the hole. This means that no oil is needed to lubricate the bushings, and this allows them to operate in environments that would otherwi...

06 May. 2023

Solid Lubricants Bushing is a type of bushing

A solid lubricant bushing is a type of bushing that combines a thermoplastic polymer and reinforcing fibers with an additive that releases a solid lubricant as soon as relative motion and contact occur between the bushing and shaft.There are a variet...

23 Apr. 2023

Overview of Wrapped Bronze Bushing

Wrapped bronze bushings, also known as wrapped bronze bearings, are a type of plain bearing that is designed to support rotational or sliding movements. They are composed of a cylindrical bronze body wrapped in a porous material such as PTFE or other...

21 Apr. 2023

Introduction of Solid Lubricants Bushing.

Solid Lubricants Bushing is a high-performance product that breaks through the limitations of general bearings that rely on oil film lubrication. The inner structure supplies a permanent reservoir of lubricant for continuous restoration of the low fr...

14 Apr. 2023

The Benefits of a Lubrication Bushing

Lubrication Bushing As the name suggests, a lubrication bushing is designed to provide protection from friction and wear. It does this by reducing the contact pressure between moving parts and minimizing friction that can lead to breakage. Self-lubr...

07 Apr. 2023

Description of Solid Oilless Bushing

Solid Oilless Bushing is a type of sliding bearing that reduces friction and increases stability. The self-lubricating characteristics of oilless bushings make them an excellent choice for applications that require minimal maintenance. A solid oille...

01 Apr. 2023

Bimetal Bushing is one of the bearing lubrication systems

Bimetal Bushing  based on high-quality low carbon steel back as substrate and bronze alloy on the surface. After several high-temperature sintering and density and rolled copper and steel bimetallic strip coiling, the product can withstand medium spe...

24 Mar. 2023

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