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, Now our Oilless Sliding Bearing and other products are exported to more than 15 countries and regions in EU, America, Asia,etc. and set up & doing the QC system strictly!

Our belief: 1st Quality, 2nd Service, 3rd Price!

our oilless bearings and other products are applied to metallurgy extensively, automobile, mine, petroleum,such various kinds of machinery as rolling mill chemical, industry electrical machinery,shipping,printing, plastic machinery,office equipment,health and fitness facilities, light industry and machinery, irrigation works, hydraulic pressure machinery, locomotive, rotate, slip, etc.

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JDB650 Solid-lubricants Bushings

JDB650 Solid-lubricants Bushings

MQ650 solid lubrication products is a high-performance solid lubricating product on a high-brass base, inlaid graphite, or MoS2 solid lubricant. It broke through the general bearing to rely on the limitations of oil film lubrication.

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MQ-10 Carbon Steel  Self-lubricating Bushing

MQ-10 Carbon Steel Self-lubricating Bushing

With low carbon steel as the backing,sintered bronze as medial layer,mixed PTFE with fibers as self-lubricating layer.Suitable for dry running with low coefficient of friction,low wear rate,good sliding characteristics,the transfer film created will ...

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Strong R&D team

We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce Oilless sliding bearing and other products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.Our production technicians have good education background and professional training.

Excellent equipment

We have a variety of large-scale CNC machinery and equipment as well as professional operators to ensure that each Oilless Bearings can endure rigorous manufacturing processes and complete the original intention of design accurately.

Advanced Technology

Our Oilless Bearings and other products have passed a series of the most credible agency certification. Meanwhile, we also have obtained many patents and certificates of honor from our government, which ensure our leading position in technology.

Careful Service

After-sales really means the beginning of our cooperation, We have established a perfect after-sales service system, each device can operate for a long time in your business is what we must do.


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Latest news

Carbon steel self-lubricating bushings find extensive use in various industrial equipment

Carbon steel self-lubricating bushings find extensive use in various industrial equipment to reduce friction, improve efficiency, and enhance the longevity of the machinery. Here are some specific applications of these bushings in industrial equipmen...

23 Aug. 2023

How Harvesters Run More Efficiently With Carbon Steel Self-Lubricating Bushings

Self-lubricating Bushing play a crucial role in facilitating smooth movement and reducing friction in various mechanisms of harvester machines. Here are some specific applications of Self-lubricating Bushing in harvester machines:    Crop dividers: H...

16 Aug. 2023

Some common applications of self-lubricating bushings in agricultural machinery

In agricultural machinery, carbon steel self-lubricating bushings are utilized in various components to enhance performance and reliability in demanding farming environments. The use of carbon steel self-lubricating bushings in agricultural machinery...

10 Aug. 2023

Carbon steel self-lubricating bushings are commonly used in automotive industry

In the automotive industry, carbon steel self-lubricating bushings are commonly used in various components and systems to improve performance, reduce friction, and extend the lifespan of parts,helping to enhance overall performance, reduce maintenanc...

03 Aug. 2023

Self-lubricating property of carbon steel self-lubricating bushings offers several benefits

The self-lubricating property of carbon steel self-lubricating bushings offers several benefits in various applications.    Reduced Friction: The self-lubricating property of these bushings significantly reduces friction between the bushing and the m...

24 Jul. 2023

How do carbon steel self-lubricating bushings work?

Carbon steel self-lubricating bushings work through a combination of materials and design features that enable them to provide lubrication and reduce friction in various applications.     Material Composition: Carbon steel self-lubricating bushings t...

19 Jul. 2023

Advantages of using Pb-free self-lubricating bushings

Pb-free self-lubricating bushings offer several benefits compared to traditional bushings that contain lead (Pb).     Environmental Friendliness: Pb-free bushings are free from lead, which is a toxic metal that can be harmful to the environment and h...

13 Jul. 2023

Bimetal Bushing is designed to provide low-friction and wear-resistant properties

A bimetal bushing, also known as a bimetallic bushing or a bimetal bearing, is a type of bearing that consists of two different metal layers bonded together. It is designed to provide low-friction and wear-resistant properties, making it suitable for...

06 Jul. 2023

What are the commonly used materials for oil-free bearings?

Materials commonly used for oil-free bearings include:     Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): PTFE is a polymer material with excellent self-lubricating properties. It has a low coefficient of friction and good wear resistance and is suitable for low to...

30 Jun. 2023

Which is better for bushing brass or bronze?

The choice between brass and bronze for bushings depends on the specific application requirements and environmental conditions. Both brass and bronze have their own characteristics and advantages. Here's a comparison:    Brass Bushings:    Brass is a...

20 Jun. 2023

Oilless bushings offer several advantages over traditional lubricated bushings

An oilless bushing, also known as a self-lubricating bushing or a plain bearing, is a type of bearing that operates without the need for external lubrication. Unlike traditional bushings that require oil or grease for smooth operation, oilless bushin...

15 Jun. 2023

What is the difference between steel and bronze bushing?

Steel and bronze bushings are two different types of bearing materials commonly used for various applications. Here are the main differences between them:    Material Composition: Steel bushings are typically made of steel alloys, which can vary in c...

08 Jun. 2023

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