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MQ-20 Boundary Lubricating Bushing

MQ-20 is made of high quality low-carbon steel as backing,sintered porous bronze layer as the medial layer,then POM+MoS2 mixed with them as the inner lubricating layer;
Suitable for reciprocating,rotating and oscillating movements;
Less maintenance requirements;
Low wear and therefore no swelling,good damping behavious,good resistance to shock ( also known as SF-2 or DX)

Application characteristics

1.Good loading Capacity and anti-wear,anti-impact & shock;
2.Perfrom well in little of grease or perfect in abundant grease;Especially well suitied for applications where lubricant can not be supplied continously or repeatedly;
3. In high load capacity and low speed with rotational,oscillating or frequent stop-start motions;
4.Applied in Automotive chassis,forging machine,metallurgical,machine tool , building industry,agricultural equipment,forestry machinery, construction machinery,etc.

Available types

  • Organizational materials

  • Technical Data

    Data Types
    (SF-2 with or without lead)
    (SF-2 No oil pockets , without lead)
    (SF-2B Bronze backing , without lead)
    (SF-2L SF-2L Blue,without lead)
    (SF-2W SF-2W without lead)
    Materiai Steel+Bronze+POM+Pb /No Pb+MSo2) Steel+ Bronze+POM+MSo2 Bronze+ Bronze+POM+MSo2 Steel+ Bronze+POM+MSo2 Steel+Bronze +(PTFE+PEEK)
    Typicai application It's used in many places of Vehicle/Automotive,Building equipment,Agricultural equipment,Machine tooling building industry, forming machine tools, steel metallurgical machinery, mineral mountain machinery, hydraulic industry and rolling steel industry, etc. High temperature condition like high-pressure gear pump, water injection pump, hydraulic motor and spray painting food processing.
    Loading P
    Static load N/mm² 250 250 250 250 250
    Very low speed N/mm² 140 140 140 140 140
    Dynamic load N/mm² 70 70 70 70 70
    Max.Speed Vm/s Grease lubrication 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
    Max.PV limit 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.6
    Friction coef u 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.05~0.20 0.03~0.20
    Mating Axis Hardness HB >270 >270 >270 >270 >270
    Roughness Ra 0.4~1.25 0.4~1.25 0.4~1.25 0.4~1.25 0.4~1.25
    Temperature Range ℃ -40~+120 -40~+120 -40~+120 -40~+120 -150~+250
    Thermal conductivity W/mk﹣¹ 50 50 65 50 50
    Coefficient of linear expansion 11×10-6K 11×10-6K 11×10-6K 11×10-6K 11×10-6K
    Outside Surface Plating copper/tin copper/tin No copper/tin copper/tin copper/tin

    *Initial pre-lubrication at assembly is strongly recommended.

    ● Electronic samples         ● Part of the product reference map

Jiashan Minqin Oilless Bearing Co., Ltd. a China MQ-20 Boundary Lubricating Bushing Manufacturers, set up May.2007. As professional wholesale MQ-20 Boundary Lubricating Bushing suppliers, Minqin has high-precision equipment, a high level of management team, and a high-quality workforce, and constantly improves the production process and refinement management platform, in strict accordance with the global quality certification system to do every detail for the industry to provide quality MQ-20 Boundary Lubricating Bushing products.


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Industry Knowledge

Boundary lubricating bushings are a type of plain bearing that relies on a thin boundary layer of lubricant between the bearing surface and the shaft. They are commonly used in applications where additional lubrication is not practical, such as high-temperature or high-load applications.
Boundary lubricating bushings are typically made of materials such as bronze, graphite, or plastic, with the bearing surface containing small pockets or pores that retain lubricant. The lubricant is released as the bearing rotates or moves, creating a thin layer that separates the bearing surface from the shaft.
Boundary lubricating bushings are often used in applications such as automotive engines, industrial machinery, and high-temperature applications where traditional lubricants would break down or evaporate. They offer several advantages, including reduced friction and wear, longer service life, and improved performance in harsh and dirty environments.
However, boundary lubricating bushings can be less effective than other types of bearings in low-load or high-speed applications, as the lubricant film may not be thick enough to prevent metal-to-metal contact. They can also be more expensive than other types of bearings due to their advanced materials and manufacturing process.

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