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Differences Between Oilless Bushing and Linear Bushings

Update:08 Apr

Explanation of oil-free bushings: Oil-free bushings are high-strength brass bearings lubricated by oil gushing oil. This product has the function of traditional tin bronze bearing. After using high-strength brass, its HB hardness is doubled, so using this product in low-speed occasions can double the life of ordinary bronze bushings, and its bearing pressure is Large, suitable for heavy-duty occasions.

Explanation of linear bearing term: Linear bearing is a kind of linear motion system, which is used for linear stroke and cylindrical shaft. Due to the point contact between the bearing ball and the bearing shell, the steel ball rolls with the smallest frictional resistance, so the linear bearing has low friction, is relatively stable, does not change with the bearing speed, and can obtain smooth linear motion with high sensitivity and high precision. The consumption of linear bearings also has its limitations. The most important one is that the impact load capacity of the bearing is poor, and the bearing capacity is also poor. Secondly, the linear bearing has large vibration and noise during high-speed motion.


1. Linear bearing, high precision, small friction coefficient, poor vibration resistance, suitable for a light load, high moving speed, high price;

The oil-free bushing can also achieve the same precision, but the friction coefficient is large, the resistance is large, and the anti-vibration ability is strong. It is suitable for heavy loads, harsh conditions, and low-speed moving.

2. Oil-free bushing is sliding friction, the resistance is relatively large during operation, but the load is also large, but the feel will be poor, and the cost is relatively lower. Linear bearings have rolling friction with steel ball devices inside, which determines that during operation, the resistance of linear bearings is much smaller than that of oil-free bushings, but the load is relatively small and the price is more expensive.

3. In terms of performance, oil-free bushings and linear bearings are very different. Although both can be used with guide shafts, the effects of the two are different.

4. Bushings are generally used for linear motion and rotary motion. Linear bearings are mostly used for linear motion, but there are also ball guide shaft bearings that can be used for linear motion while rotating.

5. There is also a certain gap in cost between the two. If you choose a linear bearing, the cost is relatively high.

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