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Fixing Method and Installation Precautions of Oilless Bushing

Update:27 Apr

How to fix oil-free bushings

1. Press in

When pressing in the oil-free bushing, use a vise or press to press in quietly. In order to facilitate pressing in, it is recommended to chamfer the end of the inner diameter of the fixing seat, and apply a small amount of lubricating oil to the inner diameter of the fixing seat and the outer diameter of the bushing.

2. Anti-rotation screw/bonding

The following methods are recommended according to the conditions and environment when attention is paid to the drop-out prevention and anti-rotation of the oil-free bushing.

Installation Precautions

1. Before assembly, ensure that there is no foreign matter on the surface of the shaft sleeve and seat hole, and the surface of the seat hole should be as smooth as possible to avoid scratches during assembly.

2. During assembly, lubricating oil can be properly applied to the outer surface of the shaft sleeve to help the shaft sleeve to be installed more easily, but it is not easy to be too much to prevent the shaft sleeve from falling out during heavy load or reciprocating motion.

3. When assembling, use the mandrel to slowly press in (a hydraulic press is recommended), and it is forbidden to directly hit the shaft sleeve to avoid deformation.

4. When designing the seat hole, if it is necessary to use easily deformable materials such as aluminum alloy or the wall thickness of the seat hole is thin, please explain, so as to avoid deformation of the empty seat during pressing.

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