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Uses of Oilless Bushing

Update:27 Apr

In the moving parts, the wear of the parts is caused by long-term friction. When the gap between the shaft and the hole is worn to a certain extent, the parts must be replaced. Therefore, the designer chooses the lower hardness and better wear resistance when designing. The material is a shaft sleeve or bushing, which reduces the wear of the shaft and seat.

When the bushing or bushing is worn to a certain extent, it can be replaced, which can save the cost of replacing the shaft or seat. Generally speaking, the bushing and the seat use an interference fit, and a clearance fit with the shaft, because no matter what, it is still impossible to Avoid wear can only prolong the life, and shaft parts are relatively easy to process; some new designers do not like this design, thinking that it will increase the cost during manufacturing, but after a period of use, when repairing It is still necessary to transform in this way, but the transformation will easily reduce the accuracy of the equipment.

The reason is very simple. The secondary processing is a supplement that cannot guarantee the position of the center of the seat hole. The bushing is used to replace the rolling bearing in some places with low rotational speed, high radial load and high clearance requirements (such as camshafts). The bushing is also a kind of sliding bearing. The material requires low hardness and wear resistance. The inner hole of the bushing is ground and scraped to achieve high matching accuracy. There must be an oil groove for lubricating oil on the inner wall. The lubrication of the bushing is very important. Shafts and bushings are quickly scrapped if dry ground.

It is recommended to scrape the inner hole wall of the bushing during installation so that many small pits can be left. The enhanced lubrication bushing and bushing are of different types according to different industrial and mining conditions. The most important conditions are pressure, velocity, a product of pressure and velocity, lubrication state, and load properties. The quick and easy automatic selection of bushings is included.

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