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Our self-lubricating bearings can be used for tractors, excavators, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, planters, harvesters, sprinklers, plows, tillers, planters, logging machines, , Bed machines, cutting machines, tree planting machines and other agricultural and forestry machinery applications, bearings provide superior performance, reduce system costs.

Agriculture and forestry machinery, the edge and boundary lubrication during the bearing will be subject to friction and wear. Our bearings offer more reliable performance than copper bearings. Our bearings have a load capacity of up to 620Mpa, protection shaft or pin will not wear, with good corrosion resistance, shock resistance and edge load capacity.
Eliminate the use of greases to reduce maintenance The self-lubricating bearings are ideal for applications requiring longer service life and are maintenance-free in low-lubricated or non-lubricated operating conditions.
● Improve performance and extend service life
Excellent wear resistance and high vibration load capacity in extreme conditions to extend the bearing life, improve reliability.
●Excellent over low friction performance
Reduce power consumption, improve equipment performance.
●Reduce costs
No need to use hardening and processing greases to reduce the cost of the shaft. Compact, one-piece construction saves space, reduces weight, and simplifies components.
● environmental protection

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