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With its durability, reliability, low friction, extended wear life and maintenance-free, high-performance bearings can be used in a number of industrial applications, including civil engineering, construction, chemical engineering, electrical and electronics, food and beverage, forestry , Metal engineering, robotics, medical and hospital, mining, military, packaging, pharmaceuticals, major metals, pulp and paper, plastics and rubber, leisure and sports, rail and tram tracks, textiles and others.

Our maintenance-free plain bearings meet stringent environmental standards and offer many important advantages:
● Low friction, high wear resistance
Low friction practice without lubrication, to provide smooth operation, reduce wear and prolong life.
● Maintenance-free
Self-lubricating bearings for applications requiring longer bearing life without lubrication conditions.
● Reduce system cost
Bearings do not require hardening and processing of greases, thereby reducing bearing costs. Compact one-piece construction saves space, reduces weight and simplifies assembly.
● Environmental protection
Non-lubricated maintenance-free bearings meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations, such as the RoHS directive, which limits the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

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