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Maintenance-free bearings provide durable, environmentally friendly, lubrication-free operation, able to withstand high loads, speed and temperature. Our highly efficient bearings are well-suited for recreational and sports applications in wet, dirty applications with good performance.

Used in ATVs, bicycles, snowmobiles and mountain bike mounts, fishing gear, snowboard fixtures, recreational water rafts, golf carts and others, using advanced materials to provide customers with the ideal bearing solution To meet the new challenges of the future.
● Boat Crane Pulley
● electric fishing scrolls
● oval cross-country skiing training machine
● Hinged cross-country ski fixtures
● electric golf cart drive wheel
● golf cart front suspension
● mountain Gondola brake system and bridge support
● Yacht hatch and rudder
● Multi-function gym weighing station
● Slide pulley
● snow car shock absorber
● Suspension glider simulator
● ATV traction connector system
● Circulation equipment: shock absorbers, rear cantilever, pedals, wheels, brake rods, motorcycle starters and accessories

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