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Maintenance-free sliding bearings for a wide range of equipment in major metal industries such as furnace packing vehicles, ladle hanger, turret and tilt equipment, spindle rods, scissors, cooling bed, coiler or belt conveyor and other important applications The

Often used in dirty wear environments, it is difficult or impossible to maintain. Self-lubricating bearings are suitable for use in cast iron plants, steel mills and civil engineering to provide more reliable performance than copper bearings. With high load capacity, superior corrosion resistance, shock performance, bearings are perfectly used in a wide range of applications, including:
● charging trolley
● Drive roller
● pressurized filter
● Steel cover manipulator
● Lifting equipment / regulating equipment
● Locking device Casting cylinder
● Punching roller polishing machine
● Milling cutter screws - nuts
● quenching machine skateboard

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