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Maintenance-free bearings for commonly used hydraulic fluid and many types of water emulsion conditions, suitable for vane pumps, gears, plunger pumps and motors. In addition to superior frictional and abrasion resistance, they are stable and reliable at the required load and speed, making them suitable for many hydrodynamic applications

High performance bearings meet the unique application requirements of the fluid power industry. Our low-friction self-lubricating bearings provide a complete solution for reliable performance at high loads and high speeds, resistant to cavitation and chemical corrosion for today's advanced hydrodynamic applications.
Enhance energy efficiency Mingqin low friction bearing material to reduce power loss, improve output and energy efficiency.
● Maintenance-free
The bearings are self-lubricating and are suitable for applications where the bearing has a long service life in the absence of continuous maintenance.
● Reduce noise and assembly costs Excluding moving parts, bearing running noise is small. Bushings, fittings and bearings to simplify assembly, further reduce costs and eliminate assembly damage.
● Replacement of expensive rolling bearings
Slide bearings can replace more expensive rolling bearings in specific applications, providing greater contact surfaces, resulting in higher load capacity, impact resistance and improved performance.

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