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Even in the most demanding environments, customers can rely on the unique performance of Ming Qin bearings, including: low friction, high wear resistance and high reliability. Bearings in automotive applications include: wiper, shock absorbers, seats, gearboxes, brakes, steering, convertible roofs, interiors, pillars, joysticks, pedals and other applications.

Steering system: steering support base, steering column, steering oil pump
● Variable speed system: rear output shaft, spindle, reverse shaft, clutch, pump, solenoid valve, planetary gear set, shift fork
● Seat: Seat adjuster and height adjustment mechanism
● axle: drive system, the main sales
● Brake system
● Hinge: door hinge, luggage compartment, hood hinge, automatic closing device
● engine management: water and oil pump, tension wheel, pulley dampers
● Suspension and shock absorbers

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